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The Workshop: Pricing and Design – D.C.

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The Workshop: Pricing and Design – D.C.


January 28th | January 29th | January 30th
Sweet Root Village Studio
4570 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria VA 22304

( 16 seats available Only 2 seats left! )

Purchase your ticket here.


–– Design ––

Care and Handling Best Practices
Principles of Design
Color Theory
Foam Free Mechanics
Loose and Airy Bridal Bouquets
Artful Centerpieces
Installation Mechanics and Design
Individualized Live Critiques with Honest Feedback

–– Business ––

Staffing for Success
Pricing for Profit
Ordering and Recipe Writing
Managing and Hiring Strategies
Scaling Your Business

–– And Some Bonuses ––

Professional Photography of Your Designs
Individual Headshots
Individualized Website Copy Critiques


We created “The Workshop: Pricing and Design” to share our
passion for profitability and great design with YOU!


Packed full with loads of valuable information, we’ll be covering
profitable business practices, hands-on design of centerpieces, bouquets,
and installation techniques, floral photography with Kim Branagan, and
individualized website reviews with Rosewater Studio.

We’re doing it. We’re gonna “fire hose you!”


Yup, we casually (not so casually) refer to our education approach
as “fire hosing you” because with our collective decades of education
and experience we have SO MUCH to share you! This will be a valuable
investment no matter what your design level or years in business.

Rachel and Lauren from Sweet Root Village will be leading and teaching
all about the business side of flowers. You’ll experience classroom style
sessions that will cover pricing flowers for profitability, staffing,
workflow, AND practice hands on recipe writing…and so much more.
Sweet Root Village is well known for their incredible installations and are
excited to lead you through some of their favorite installation mechanics
and design! The Sweet Root ladies will be answering your burning business
questions in a tell all Q&A session. Nothing is off the table! You’ll get tons of
actionable tools and ideas to apply to your business right away
(like…literally, while you’re still at the workshop).

Here’s what past attendees have said:

“I’ve never been to a more honest and informative workshop. Rachel and Lauren are incredibly open and selfless when it comes to breaking down their pricing strategy! They discuss installments, recipes, and have a truly open and honest conversation and Q&A session where you can ask them anything! I’ve NEVER seen any other company (floral or not) be that transparent and willing to share so much about their business. This part was INCREDIBLY valuable and new as I’ve never seen any other workshop offer pricing information to this degree. This portion of the workshop was extremely important to learning how to remain profitable in the floral industry. In addition to the breakdown, Lauren and Rachel really reinforce the idea of not selling yourself short. It’s important to price correctly so you can remain profitable but also stay true to the value and effort of your work.”

Aqsa Zafar, My Budding Romance

Amy Balsters of Amy Nicole Floral will teach with her in-depth,
no-nonsense, approach to design and mechanics. You’ll learn Amy’s
favorite techniques for achieving lightweight, artful, hand tied bouquets
and lush centerpieces full of airy movement. Amy’s design is rooted in key
fundamentals. She’s passionate about empowering you to better
understand your work and learn new ways to improve your design
techniques. Key themes include how to design more intentionally and with
profitability in mind, techniques to working with color, how to not
overstuff your designs, and how to avoid bulky bouquets.

Here’s what past attendees have said:

“The two most important lessons in this workshop that I STILL remember and apply to this day are the color theory and individual feedback sessions with Amy. Amy really broke down color theory to where I now understand how to pick the right colors and transitional shades for a palette! She explains everything so simply that you begin to apply color theory to everything in your life! The time Amy spent giving us individual feedback for our designs – was incredible! I’ve never been to a workshop where the instructor gave individual feedback to each person! This feedback and time was incredibly helpful and unique! I would sign up for this workshop again just to get that one on one time with the instructor! Amy is incredibly honest, raw and refreshing! Everything you feel as a designer – she expresses it and reinforces the idea that your feelings and thoughts are valid. SO basically a therapy session and a design lesson in one!”

Aqsa Zafar, My Budding Romance

“Throughout the entire workshop she was warm, friendly and so approachable. She helped us all feel relaxed and comfortable, and reminded us that if we are comparing ourselves to others as we work, and become self critical it diminishes our creativity.”

– Meg Owens, Meg Owens Floral Designs

Kim Branagan is an experienced wedding and event photographer
who specializes in photographing flowers. She has photographed multiple
floral design workshops across the world including Ponderosa and Thyme,
Team Flower, Nectar and Bloom and many more. Her project, the Makers
exists to tell the story of creatives and is passionate for helping
florists take better photos.

Yasamin Salavatian of Rosewater Studio is a San Francisco based
copywriter, storyteller and writing coach. She helps creative business
owners find their unique Brand. Yasamin will assess each attendees’
website and offer individualized feedback.


– You struggle with knowing what to charge for your floral designs
or are finding that you are just generally not profitable.

– You’re overspending or overstuffing arrangements.

– You’re still figuring out ordering and sourcing your materials.

– You can’t quite land that loose, light, and airy movement
in your arrangements and bouquets.

– You struggle with adding or balancing color in your designs.

– You want the mechanics of great installations and how to buy,
prepare and design them.

– You want key tips on taking better photos of your flowers. (DC only)

– You want foundational techniques for building impressive installations.

– You want to learn more foam free approaches to your design work.

– You want individualized critiques and helpful
feedback of your work…in real time.

– You want actionable tools and ideas…that will help your business.

– You could use an objective perspective on your website
copy for connecting more to your ideal client.


– You’re OKAY with not being profitable (as this is an area of focus).

– You prefer a more openhanded approach to ordering and designing 

that doesn’t involve structure or recipes. 
(This is the key to profit in our humble opinion!)

– You don’t want to explore design styles and color theory 
and learn how to create well balanced floral designs.
(Again – maybe not your cup of tea, that’s totally cool man!)

I N V E S T M E N T:

The early bird rate of $3,195.00 includes three full days of learning with all
fresh products and hard good supplies needed for hands-on designing.
Beverages, breakfast pastries and lunch will be included on all three days,
along with a casual Welcome Dinner!

Full rate pricing is $3,495.00.

–– Special discount for the month of November:
use code GIVETHANKS for $100 your purchase.

We have exactly 16 SEATS available for this workshop. Why?
The small class size allows us to dig in and work with you individually.

Join us in Virginia just outside of D.C.
by grabbing your ticket here!

*Travel and lodging costs not included

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